We work with reliable & Gold Standard technologies

Our R&D lab runs with the latest technology. Designed to help you develop the most advanced nutrition and wellness beverages.


Our aseptic technology guarantees the greatest level of food safety. We carry different technologies that are perfect to guarantee the best flavor and texture for beverages ranging from fruit juice and water to strong dairy nutrition drinks.


We only package with the most advanced technology available. Our packaging is the gold standard in sustainability and has the most sophisticated design both for brands and for consumers.
Our main driver is to help brands bring the best beverages out there to the consumer
Food Safety Standards
Good for you
The safety of a product starts with the ingredient. It is imperative to source raw materials, especially CBD, from a reputable source that has been vetted and can provide all applicable certifications. Once the ingredients have been verified as save and consistent, processing and packaging will determine the finished product’s quality.
Consistency is key
What You Want Is What You Get
Consumers of Phytotherapeutical Infused beverages purchase these types of products to improve their health and wellness. Delivering a product that is consistent ensures the end user has the most efficacious experience possible. Aseppak’s blending and processing technology is the gold standard in the beverage industry.
Flavor is the driver of sales
Tastes Great
Creating a Safe and Consistent product will protect the consumer from harm, but the Flavor and Function will be the driver of new sales.

Aseppak’s development services will determine what these flavor challenges may be, and design the product to be the best tasting product on the market.


We develop your prototype, test and prove your formula

__________   Microthermics technology

Aseppak’s R&D beverage lab is designed to handle the rigors of developing new products quickly and thoroughly.

Not only can we make representative samples of production, our lab is equipped to test and determine the analytical attributes of the product. Potency, density, viscosity, and pH are just a few of the Quality Parameters that will be paramount in manufacturing to ensure a Safe, Consistent and Quality product every time.

We provide Aseptic processing solutions for beverages and more

__________   Within multiple categories and subcategories

  • Coffee/ Tea Beverages
  • Plant Based Beverages
  • Nutritional Beverages
  • Flavored Water
  • Dairy based beverages
  • Juices, nectars, concentrates
  • Sauces & soups
  • Pet food

We provide complete solutions and processing services for beverages and prepared food. With Aseppak aseptic technology you get best practice in terms of food safety, efficiency, product quality and environmental performance.

With the aseptic technology, the goal is to maximise the destruction of microorganisms while minimising the chemical changes in the product. That means finding the optimal combination of temperature and processing time for different types of food.

UHT treatment involves controlled eating that destroys all microorganisms, making the end product suitable for ambient distribution.

Aseptic packaging solutions for beverages

__________   Aseptic packages in different sizes  

Tetra Pak aseptic processes allow liquid food to retain colour, texture, natural taste and nutritional value for up to 12 months, without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. The combination of aseptic processing and packaging reduces waste, makes distribution extremely cost-efficient and converts your product into a consumer-ready format as well as making it possible for you to reach consumers in remote locations.

All our aseptic carton packages are made of renewable materials, recyclable paperboard and no refrigeration is needed when distributed and stored.