How do we envision
product design?

_________ With a consumer centric approach

Our design methodology has been designed specifically to create new high value beverages.  Our approach always begins with three main questions:


What do people desire?


What is technically and market feasible?


What can be financially viable?


By using collaborating processes designed by Aseppak, you will fast-track the development of meaningful products that fit consumer's needs.

We will support you through every step
1. Uncover Opportunities
We indentify consumer needs, routines and behaviors. We map key consumer insights and uncover opportunities.
2. Create Solutions
We create idas with design thinking and open innovation methodologies
3. Fast Prototyping
We land the big idea into a prototyping process to get the Master Product Design
4. Scale-Up Manufacturing
Finally, we assess formulations and every technical requirement. We test the batches through a pilot trial and scale-up methodically to guarantee efficiency and quality.

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Our methodology has been designed specifically to create new high value beverages.


Product development is a complex process, especially when you need to abide by the most sophisticated standards of food safety.

Our team will walk you through this process no matter where you currently stand.  Have an idea? We can help you. Need to optimize your formula? We're here for you.


  • Product research
  • Paper formula
  • Ingredient Sourcing
  • Product cost/ ingredient costs
  • Batching sheet
  • Nutrition facts panel
  • Vendor list and contacts

Formula Testing and Optimization

  • Small scale aseptic testing
  • Flavor optimization
  • Sales Samples development
  • Proof of scalability
  • Scale-up test runs


To be successful in any category, but especially in beverages, knowledge and understanding both of the market and the consumers is essential.

Our marketing center has a team of specialists that can work with your team in everything from market research to branding and design.

Consumer Marketing Strategy:

  • Understanding your customer's needs and market opportunities based on our access to specialized information.
  • Customized-specialized research and data analysis
  • Target market and consumer segmentation
  • Open innovation and ideation sessions

Concept Development

  • Concepts and visual prototypes
  • Brand application and key visuals

Branding for Beverages

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand identity manual
  • Copy writing

Brand Touchpoints

  • Packaging design
  • Website design & development
  • E-commerce site
  • POP print material
  • Digital Marketing


In this line of business ingredient quality is vital, literally.  And science is key to determining the best formulas that can help the consumer with their healthy lifestyle choices.

Our state of the art lab, our team and our alliances with global leaders in analytical testing and research are integral to our service.  You can also bring your ingredients and formulas for testing, and we will gladly assist you.

Research & Development for Beverages

  • HPLC testing and validation
  • Micro analysis
  • Product report

Active Ingredient Testing

  • Microbe
  • Potency
  • Pesticides
  • Ingredient release

Quality Assurance:

  • Product quality
  • Certifications support


Food safety, consistency and flavor.  All are key, and you won't have the best product without the three.

Our packaging technology has proven to be the best option in terms of food safety and in keeping the essence of natural ingredients. We can make your product taste better and look cooler.

  • Pilot Runs
  • Small Batch Runs for Innovation-driven companies
  • Scale up

Years in product development
Years of experience in food science
Years of experience in aseptic packaging
Products successfully launched by our team members